Envites - ABOUT US

The company ENVITES, spol. s r.o. was established in 1990. The establishment of the company is historically related to South Moravia, which is well-known for its engineering industry associated with the production of water and wastewater treatment equipment, ecology and production of filtration systems.

Since the time of its establishment the company has been offering a comprehensive variety of products and technical solutions to engineering processes and the field of water treatment and ecology. The company focuses mainly on slurry dewatering and pressure filtration of industrial suspensions. Our crucial products are cloth filtration presses - the so-called filter presses. In order to optimise the dewatering process, we produce and offer equipment for chemical treatment of slurry, its thickening, storing, regulated filling into filter presses and related handling, control and regulation systems. Units for preparation and dosing of chemicals, reaction tanks, storage tanks, primary tanks with or without lamellas and a number of other built-in components are produced for the water and wastewater treatment systems.
Our offer has progressively shaped itself into the current form, including comprehensive engineering services ranging from consulting, technical review, filtration tests, through development, designing and production of water management systems up to comprehensive turn-key deliveries and servicing of technical units. Equipment made by ENVITES is used successfully in many countries of the world, the share of export in the total sales of the company reaches 80%.

The reliability of our products can be demonstrated by their application in chemical industry and power engineering, as well as in wastewater treatment plants, glassworks, ceramics factories, machine works, food-processing and processing plants.