Development and production of equipment
Design and delivery of turn-key technological units
Services and consulting
Description of ENVITES solutions

A number of the technical processes consists in the separation of the liquid and solid phases.  ENVITES offers include know-how and a complete series of products and services for efficient and economically favourable separation of various kinds of suspensions.

Development and production of equipment

The basis of the ENVITES deliveries consists of the equipment of our own production. The company mainly specialises in development and production of cloth filter presses, which have been delivered to many countries around the world in several hundreds of pieces.

Design and delivery of turn-key technological units

Two basic and well-tried separation methods are usually employed when separating solid particles from liquids - sedimentation and filtration, or their combination, supplemented by other auxiliary processes.

The ENVITES solutions using these methods are mainly applied in the following fields of industry:

  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Slurry dewatering on municipal wastewater treatment
  • Production and treatment of service and drinking water
  • Processing of raw materials and minerals
  • Chemical industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Food-processing industry

The ENVITES deliveries of technological units can be divided as follows:

  • Multi-stage water treatment
  • Clarification processes
  • Water neutralisation
  • Chemical treatment of industrial water
  • Treatment and pre-treatment of industrial wastewater for industrial plants
  • Drinking water and industrial water filtration stations
  • Reconstruction of water treatment plants
  • Slurry dewatering
  • Reconstruction of existing large-capacity tanks
  • Lamella separators intensifying sedimentation
  • Automation of water and wastewater treatment plants

Services and consulting

An important part of our offer consists of customer services – consulting, performance of tests, delivery and installation of equipment, guarantee and post-guarantee service, etc.

Description of ENVITES solutions

It is usually a set of equipment fed with polluted liquid and discharging clarified water, filtrate and filtration cake with a high dry solids content. Most of the suspensions must be treated with additional chemicals before the separation. Thus, their characteristics change (e.g. pH, electric charge) and flocs are formed, which are easier to separate from the liquid phase. The extent of technological unit depends on the volume, type and characteristics of the processes suspension.

ENVITES process unit scheme:

The process consists of the following basic stages:

The scope of the technology may differ greatly based on the type of suspension. Given the fact that we are producing most of the presented equipment, we can supply even the components of the units at the most favourable terms.