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Simple sedimentation
Clarification (combined sedimentation)
Equipment offered by ENVITES

This concerns separation of suspended particles in liquid suspensions. The separation process is based on the principle of gravity – the particles with a specific weight heavier than water drop to the bottom. Sedimentation is the oldest method of mechanical treatment of water, its objective is to ensure the best possible purification of the liquid.

The basic types of this process used in the water and slurry management at water and wastewater treatment plants are simple and combined sedimentation.

Simple sedimentation

The fine suspended particles are separated from the liquid only by the effect of the gravitational force on the individual particles.

Suspension is conveyed to the tank where it passes in a slow horizontal flow. Particles heavier than the liquid slowly drop to the bottom, particles lighter than the liquid rise upwards. Suspended solids are then extracted from the slurry room (usually at the bottom, light particles are extracted from the surface) for further processing, e.g. dewatering using filter presses.

Combined sedimentation (clarification)

The fine suspended particles are separated from the liquid by the effect of the gravitational force on the individial particles with simultaneous use of additional methods.

The use of simple sedimentation is unsuitable for many suspensions as it would be necessary to construct very large tanks, or to work with a very low flow rate.

One of the solutions how to greatly accelerate the whole process is to treat the suspension by dosing of additional chemicals (coagulants, flocculants). Disturbance of the electric charge on the surface of the particles results in their accumulation in greater clusters– flocs that speed up the sedimentation. For more information about clarification click here.

Equipment offered by ENVITES

The company ENVITES produces and supplies the following products for sedimentation:

Chemicals preparation and dosing:

  • Flocculants mixing tanks
  • Lime mixing tanks
  • Chemicals storage tanks


  • Homogenisation tanks

Sedimentation tanks:

  • Lamella primary sedimentation tanks
  • Lamella separator
  • Primary flocculation tank with lamella partitions
  • Clarifier CF (compact combined equipment)
  • Clarifier CVL (set of a coagulation and flocculation reactor and lamella primary tank)

Slurry thickening:

  • Slurry thickeners
  • Secondary sedimentation tanks

We produce and supply individual products as well as complete technological units.