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Main fields of use
Slurry thickening
ENVITES products for slurry thickening


  • Simple and economically favourable separation method for well-settling particles
  • Reduced power input of the equipment for mechanical slurry dewatering (above all, acquisition and     operating costs of the filter press feed pump)

Main fields of use:

  • Treatment of service water (power engineering)
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Production and treatment of drinking water
  • Processing of raw materials and minerals
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Food-processing industry

Slurry thickening:

In order to achieve higher weight proportion of suspended solids in slurry (e.g. in slurry from the clarification process), thickening is performed using slurry thickeners. This is a tank with a slow-speed mixer used to cut through the slurry and collect it in the direction of the tank centre from where the slurry is extracted for further treatment.

Additional thickening is very important for the following slurry dewatering. Thickening makes the dewatering process when thickened slurry is processed more efficient, i.e. smaller volumes and the equipment is not uselessly loaded by water. It reduces the input necessary for mechanical dewatering and investments into the slurry thickener is returned relatively fast via savings in operating costs.

Clarified water is usually returned to the treatment process.

ENVITES products for slurry thickening:

Slurry thickening:

  • Slurry thickeners
  • Secondary sedimentation tanks

We produce and supply individual products as well as complete technological units.