OUR SPECIALISATION > Transport and collection of substances

The deliveries of ENVITES include transport and collection of suspensions and other substances , e.g. additional chemicals, filtration cakes etc.

In practice it mainly concerns the distribution of the liquids between the individual technical units and handling of the filtration cake. The filtration cake falling out of the filter press is usually collected in a container located under the equipment or in its vicinity. In the second case, the cake is usually transported to the container using a belt or screw conveyor.

Offered equipment:


  • Membrane with pneumatic or electric drive
  • Screw
  • Hose
  • Centrifugal

... and other types according to the composition and characteristics of the suspensions

Slurry cake conveyors:

  • Belt
  • Screw

Containers collecting filtration cake

  • Tiltable using fork-lift cart (for smaller filter presses)

As required by the customer and given the size of the filters press we can deliver any suitable type of containers.

Container chassis

These facilitate handling of the containers transporting dewatered slurry. Possibility of adjusting the structure for various types of containers. The container frames are produced in the following designs:

  • with manual drive (lever)
  • with electric drive

Pipes systems and valves:

The pipe conveys the pumped medium, the whole system is controlled by closing and regulating valves. As in the case of pumps, the choice of materials depends on the character and properties of the suspension. The most frequently used material is PP and steel and, if necessary, stainless steel, PE, PVDF and others.