Envites - Extensions and built-in parts of the tanks
PRODUCTS > Extensions and built-in parts of the tanks


  • Increased utility value of the existing tanks
  • Intensification of the technological process
  • Improved serviceability

Main types of built-in parts and extensions:


The installation of lamella blocks can increase the sedimentation surface of the tank several times, which significantly intensifies the sedimentation process.

  • Mixers

Mixers are usually supplied in a vertical design (lattice or paddle type), or as submersible (axial). Most common applications:

- tanks in which the suspension is thoroughly mixed with dosed chemicals
- sedimentation tanks where it is necessary to prevent from slurry stiffing at the bottom


  • Slurry scrapers

These systems scrape slurry settled at the bottom of the tank to the slurry room. It is also possible to supply a combined system enabling extraction of floating scum (oils, leaves, etc.) into an overflow trough. The slurry can also be pumped from the bottom.

  • Perforated partition walls

Turbulence occurring when the liquid passes through the holes in the partition walls ensures its intensive and steady mixing. The spacing and size of the holes are designed according to the flow rate and characteristics of the passing liquid.

  • Inlet zone, overflow troughs, platforms