Fields of use
Principle of functioning


  • Significant increase in the surface loading of the sedimentation room
  • Higher efficiency of solid phase particles separation
  • Multiple increase in the performance of the sedimentation tanks and clarifiers in water management

Fields of use:

  • Treatment of service water in power engineering
  • Treatment of industrial wastewater
  • Additional treatment of municipal wastewater
  • Production and treatment of drinking water


Lamella blocks are installed in lamella sedimentation tanks and they are the basic component of the lamella built-in part designed to intensify the processes in the sedimentation room of the sedimentation tanks.

The block consists of shaped plastic boards fitted between vertical side plates at an inclination of 60°, which creates a system of parallel tubes of a square profile standing on the corner. The inclination and the material of the lamella blocks is suitable for most types of water and slurry. The lamella blocks of both these types are light and can be installed manually. The production of lamella blocks is protected by patent rights.

Principle of functioning:

The liquid passes through the individual pipes of the lamella built-in part, most often from the bottom upwards. The shape of the lamellas and their amount increase many times the size of the sedimentation area and at the same time the sedimentation route of the settling particles is reduced to a few centimeters. Suspended solids thus settle very fast on the inclined surface of the lamellas and they slide by gravity to the bottom of the sedimentation tank. This creates a slurry room from where the settled slurry is extracted for further processing.