Envites - Filtration cloth


The cloth is laid on the filtration plates and makes it possible to remove solid phase contained in the suspension. The cloth can be made of woven or unwoven textile.

The woven textile cloth may be made of mono-filament or multifilament fibres. Mono-multifilament cloths combining these fibres are often used. The type of fibres, the size of mesh, surface treatment , (e.g. calendering) and the cloth material have a major effect on the results of filtration and adhesion of the cake to the cloth.

The cloth is most often woven from polypropylene which is well resistant to various chemical loads. If necessary, it is possible to use other material designs, such as polyamide or polyester.


Cloth options:

  • Filtration
  • Underlaying

Types of material based on threads used:

  • Multifilament
  • Monofilament
  • Mono-multifilament
  • Unwoven textiles

Other possible designs:

Filtration cloth with sown necks are used most frequently. They can be specially treated:

  • calendering
  • sealing coat
  • plate sealing seam