Envites - Drip trays



The drip trays catch spills off the cloth, or washing water during the cloth washing and drain it to the collection trough. They are installed under the set of filtration plates.


The most frequent material is PP, the plates can also be made of stainless steel or other materials as requested.


  • Manual

Under the filter press there are trays with higher brims sloping towards the collection trough. They can be removed manually.


  • Automatic

Benefits and fields of use:

  • Used mainly for large filter presses
  • Major facilitation of the filter press attendance– the plates need not be removed manually before shifting, which would be very difficult with the large filter presses (large sizes and heavy weights, limited room for handling)

Drip tray options:

  • Tiltable

The room under the set of plates is released by tilting on or two parts downwards (it is also possible to supply a system tilting upwards).


  • Sliding

The room under the set of plates is released by sliding a collection tank aside. This is used with the largest types of filter presses.