Envites - Plates shifting device



Once the filtration is completed and the filter press is opened, all plates may be shifted. By shifting two adjacent plates aside the filtration chamber gets open and the filtration cake falls out .


  • Manual

The plates are handled by means of handles fitted on their sides.


  • Automatic shifting system


The system shifts the individual plates, opens the filtration chambers and allows the emptying of the filter press. Automatic shifting replaces manual handling of the plates.

Benefits and fields of use:

  • Designed mainly for filter presses with large plates or a great number of plates
  • Significant facilitation of the filter press attendance – two workers are needed for manual shifting of large plates, only one worker is needed to check the process of emptying of the filter press during automatic extraction
  • Process automation and shortened emptying period
  • Adjustable speed of plates shifting

Automatic plates shifting options:

  • Individually plate by plate – gradual shifting of single plates until all the set is shifted. The process can be interrupted any time and the operator can remove possible impurities from the cloth.


  • Simultaneous shifting of several plates - shifting is carried out by a stroke of the hydraulic cylinder during the filter press opening. The single plates are fixed to the steel plate connected with hydraulic cylinder at certain distances and when the steel plate moves, the particular groups of plates are shifted at once. The process is fully automatic.

  • Shifting of all plates at once - shifting is carried out by a single stroke of the hydraulic cylinder during the filter press opening. The process is simillar to the previous one. The process is fully automatic.

Various types of drives are used for shifting – pneumatic, electric, hydraulic