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Fields of use


  • Simple design
  • Long service life
  • High reliability

Fields of use:

  • mainly for dewatering suspensions that are medium difficult and / or difficult to filter
  • when cake washing is not required


This is the most commonly used type of filer presses.

The working area consists of a filtration chamber created by mutual shifting of two adjacent filtration plates to each other. In the flat parts of the plates there are recesses with a drainage system. The total depth of recesses in both the adjacent plates determines the thickness of the final filtration cake. This usually ranges between 15 – 50 mm.

Suspension is usually fed via a central or a corner inlet, filtered liquid passes through the cloth and is drained by the drainage along the plate surface and via the drilled channels inside the plate out of the filter press.

The working pressure ranges between 6 - 15 bar.

The plates and clothes are standardly made of polypropylene, another material can be chosen based on the character of filtered suspension.



Precise sizing and dimensions of the filter press and further information (e.g. performance parameters, description of the equipment) will be specified in the offer based on your specific instructions. The filter presses are always designed with respect to the quantity, origin, composition and characteristics of dewatered suspension. In order to facilitate the preparation of correct specifications, we have prepared a questionnaire.