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Fields of use
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Prepared chemicals
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  • Fast and safe preparation of chemicals for chemical processes
  • High chemical resistance => reliability and durability of the system
  • Wide variety of capacities and types of materials

Main fields of use:

  • Treatment of process water in power engineering
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Production and treatment of drinking water
  • Slurry management

This is mainly used in the following processes:

  • Precipitation
  • Neutralisation
  • Oxidation/reduction

Description of the ENVITES tank:

This is equipment for storing, mixing, and diluting of additional chemicals to the required concentrations. These are most commonly various types of coagulants and flocculants.

The tanks may have one or double jackets. They are usually made of polypropylene, steel or laminated plastic, parts of the mixer are made of steel or polypropylene. The tanks may be equipped with a level meter, sampler or other accessories as necessary. The inlets my be flange mounted, free, provided with a screw fitting with a union nut, or equipped directly with a ball valve. Other modifications are possible after consultation.

Basic parts:

  • Tank
  • Mixer
  • Inlets
  • Special extensions (tilter with lime bag cutter, dosing device for granulated polymer flocculants etc.)

The supplied system may be equipped with a dosing pump and measurement and regulation/automation systems (pH meters, water level sensors, etc.).

Most common chemicals:

  • coagulating agents, e.g. Fe2(SO4)3, Al2(SO4)3, FeCl3


  • Ca(OH)2 (whitewash)


  • polymer flocculants (pof)


Models offered as a standard: 

model range
volume (m3)
used for
0,5 - 2,4

2 x 0,5 - 2 x 3

0,5 - 2,4

We can also offer other types according to your request.