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Fields of use
Filtration process using the sand filter press
Offered models


  • High performance
  • Operating reliability
  • Minimum requirements for maintenance

Main fields of use of the pressure sand filters:

Designed for pre-treatment and secondary treatment of water during filtration:

  • Surface water
  • Industrial water
  • River water
  • Cooling water
  • Coagulating filtration
  • Secondary water treatment

Description of the pressure sand filter:

The pressure sand filter is a discontinuous filtration system produced and supplied by Envites in size classes with diameters of 500 - 3000 mm and a flow rate from 2 to 170 m3/h. The tank is made of steel and treated with an anticorrosive coating (usually epoxy). It is also possible to use fibreglass.

The filter press is equipped with valves with manual, but more often, electric or pneumatic drive.

Basic parts:

1. Pressure vessel
2. Interbottom equipped with washing jets
3. Sand filtration layer
4. The pipe parts with valves enabling feeding and draining of the filtered liquid, inlet and outlet of washing water

Filtration process in the sand filter

The liquid is cleaned when passing through a sand layer. The liquid is fed over this layer and when passing through the sand, the suspended solids get separated. The filtered liquid is drained under the filtration layer out of the system to be used or further treated. Polluted sand is regularly washed with water (counterflow). As a result of different settling properties of the sand and suspended solids, the sand is efficiently cleaned by washing. Polluted washing water is discharged from the system and enters the next treatment process.


Offered models: 

flow rate (m3/h)
diameter (m)
high (m)
data sheet
2 - 170
0,5 - 3,0
2,0 - 3,7