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Fields of use
Principles of function


  • Cost saving – it is not necessary to install small filter presses on a steel structure, or to a higher floor, it is enough to place a mobile tiltable container under it
  • Simple handling of the filtration cake – the container is fixed on wheels, it can be easily removed from below the filter press and transport it by means of a fork-lift cart even to a greater distance
  • Easy emptying of the container – by unlocking a latch, the content of the container is discharged into a transport container or a trailer

Man areas of use of the mobile containers:

The mobile containers are designed for filter presses with plate sizes of 400 x 400 mm - 630 x 630 mm

These containers are mainly applied when it is necessary to

  • move the cake to a greater distance
  • move the cake into a storage container

Description of tiltable containers ENVITES:

The containers are produced in two designs – for filter presses K400/K470 and K500/K630. The main parts are the tilter, support frame (in the standard design they are equipped with two fixed and two rotating wheels) and two closed profiles enabling inserting of skids of the fork-lift cart. They are usually delivered in a steel design with surface treatment – coating.

Principles of function:

Before the start of the filtration cycle, the container is shifted under the filter press and during plates shifting the filtration cake falls into it. After the filter press has been completely emptied, the container is removed from below the filter press, taken by skids of the pallet or the fork-lift cart and transported over the room into which it should be emptied. By unlocking the latch the container is tilted and the content is emptied.