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We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of water and wastewater treatment technologies, filtration and dewatering of suspensions.

  • Advisory and consulting services
  • Analysis of current situation
  • Testing
  • Finding solution
  • Production and delivery of equipment
  • Installation and commissioning of the systems
  • Submission of documentation
  • Guarantee and post-guarantee service

Advisory and consulting services

As a part of designing of the equipment/technology, we offer relevant advisory and consulting services. Contact info here.

Analysis of current situation

In order to facilitate defining of your requirements, we have prepared several questionnaires for the basic types of technical issues we deal with. 

Accomplishment of laboratory and pilot tests

We are provided with testing units for the following processes

  • Water and wastewater treatment - clarification
  • Sand filtration
  • Slurry dewatering

Filtration and sedimentation tests using laboratory equipment can determine a suitable type of chemical treatment, which can accelerate settling and make dewatering of the specific suspension more efficient.

We are provided with a compact mobile filter press, which is used for testing right on site. A real suspension is used for the filtration process and its filterability and other characteristics of the suspension are verified. We can also simulate various operating conditions of the designed equipment and verify fulfilment of the required parameters of the substances at the outlet.

Proposal of solution

After evaluating the received information, an optimal solution is proposed.

Production and delivery of equipment

As a part of the execution of order, we can offer our following products:

and many other accessories such as supporting steel structures under the filter presses, handrails, service platforms etc. We also offer a number of related components purchased from well-proven suppliers, which are integral parts of the supplied technical units. These include e.g. pumps, valves, controlling and governing elements, conveyors, containers etc.

We also arrange for the transportation of the equipment to the site of installation.


Assembly, putting into operation and training of the operators

Our implementation team consisting of experienced technicians and fitters installs the equipment right on site and will put in into operation. Training of the operators is included.

Submission of comprehensive documentation

The delivery of the equipment includes operational-technical documentation and the declaration of conformity.


Guarantee and post-guarantee service is provided for the supplied equipment.


Recycling of washing water  Two lamella settlers for 300 000 persons This year we distributed 2 lamella settlers (LB16) for the drink water treatment station. This station produces drink water for 300 000 people. LB16 are our biggest lamella settlers. We are able to transport it all over Europe.   Saving 1 million cubic meters of water per year The devices reduce suspended solids from the washing water of sand filters. This reduces suspended solids 30 times. Treat water has a volume of 1 million cubic meters per year. This volume of clean water is the return at the beginning of the drink water treatment station. Our devices have been attested for use with drink water.  If we calculate water consumption 90 - 100liters/person drink water on one day, is daily volume for the Czech Republic.     ADVANTAGE Due to, built-in lamella is an area 14 times bigger than a tank without built-in. LB 16 (15,9m2) has thanks built-in lamella sedimentation area as a tank with a length of 19 m and a width of 10 m.   Producing material: -        carbon steel -        stainless steel -        polypropylene   Another possibility to use: -        Purification and treatment of technological water -        Industrial wastewater treatment -        Other sedimentation processes       Sand filters for north SaharaSand filters for north Sahara Our continuous sand filters are possible to use, not just in Europe. This year, we distributed 4 peaces KPFH2450 filters to Morocco. The devices work on the tertiary level on the wastewater treatment plant. The Source of wastewaters is a city with 55 000 population.   Technology description The devices are planned for flow 255 m3/h. If we compare it with another city (from CZE) is like a city with 25 000 population. It is based on the fact, that our production of wastewater is approximately 2 times higher than in countries in the north of Africa. These devices are produced from AISI316. Our devices were transported via shipload from the European port. For this type of transport, we pack filters into the special foil. Due to, this foil, there is not necessary to place it the filter into a closed container.   ADVANTAGE With a correct orientation of the necks and this diameter we are able to transport it via standard truck transport. Compared to sand filters consisting of a concrete tank, our continuous filters are less space-consuming.   Material design: - AISI 304 (standard) - AISI 316 - combination of polypropylene and fiberglass   Another possibility to use: - Purification and treatment of technological water - Industrial wastewater treatment - OtherNews archiv